Your RuneScape Summer
Friday, June 27, 2014

He Summer Special's a great way to get access to all our members' content - including these amazing updates, coming in the summer months:

The Mighty Fall Quest

Bandos is dead, but who will step up to command his forces? Take your place in a bloody tournament to determine who lives and who dies!

New Combat Boss

Battle an arachnid menace alone or in pairs and claim level-90 two-handed weapons!

Elf City Quest

Finish the Mourning's End series with this Grandmaster quest, and herald the opening of Prifddinas itself.

Combat 2014

Special Attacks and 138 combat are coming back, and you'll also get your hands on the Legacy Mode Beta!

Barbarian Assault Revamp and Penance King

This mighty minigame is getting a graphical overhaul, better rewards, a new hard mode, and the dreaded Penance King!

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