Which Elf Clan Will you Belong In? Take Our Quiz!
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Prifddinas is simply a stone’s jettison now. To assist you get through the amount of time before the elf city opens its gates, we’ve got a trifle treat for you.

We’ve created a quiz over on our Facebook page, indicating which elf clan you belong in!

Each elf clan features its own quirks, specialities and strengths – and with an incredibly scientific method* of assessing your personality, we’re in a position to place you into your Elven spiritual home, before the crystal gates checking this September.

So, are you a noble Cadarn? An ambitious Iowerth? Why not consider a spiritual Hefin? To uncover, head over to our Facebook quiz and compare your results using your friends!

When you’ve learned your elven clan, make sure you refresh your thoughts about all of them with our ‘Way to Elf City’ YouTube series:

Watch the Iowerth & Cadarn video

Watch the Trahaearn & Crwys video

Watch the Ithell & Amlodd video

Watch the Hefin & Meilyr video

The RuneScape Community Team

*Not wholly (or partially) scientific.

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