We've a treat for you now
Friday, August 29, 2014

Here's what Prifddinas currently looks like.

There's so. Much. Awesome. What do you think?

And if you've not had the chance to check out our 'Road To Elf City' video series yet, please do so! You'll see all the amazing things we've got planned for you.

 I know this is off-topic, but can we have an ALS ice bucket challenge emote in game?  maybe buyable via solomon and that goes towards the charity?--most amazing idea. but is it buyable with points or runecoins?--that is the dumbest thing ever... why they hell would the do that when all they have to do is open up the well of goodwill.

How about actually donating to the cause, upload a video to youtube of yourself doing the ice bucket challenge, and sending that to JaGeX to get the emote?--This ALS bucket challenge is a load of shite anyway.

Why don't we just make an emote for every fad of the month.-- There are plenty more charities that need the money at the moment.--some people moan and grizzle about anything. Always look at the negative side of things. Its brilliant idea.--Instead of having it buyable. People should have to submit a video to Jagex during a promotion to unlock it. This way you actually need to take part in the challenge/support to gain something. A cool addition to this is, Jagex could make a clip montage of their favorite videos.

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