Vis wax
Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Vis wax is really a sticky goo created from runes, made available from the Rune Goldberg Machine distraction and diversion. It has a variety of uses, including extending the durations of certain auras, increasing divine location gathering limits, or helping the duration and reward of or rerolling daily challenges.

Up to 100 vis wax can be purchased on a daily basis. It wouldn't be used to extend Jack of Trades or Wisdom auras, but it can instead be used to reset them once per day, taking into account a second used in a around the clock period.

Reroll Daily Challenge - Allows a player to vary an everyday challenge they just don't want to do first inside a different skill. Each daily challenge can only be rerolled once. If this sounds selected, the ball player is shown the wide ranging new challenge, which they can accept or reject. Vis wax is consumed with either choice. In the event the window is closed at all, the daily challenge will never be changed.
Extend Daily Challenge - Players can pick to double the amount duration of any daily challenge (e.g. from a single Complexity 6 Floor to two Complexity 6 floors) so that you can receive double reward upon completion.

Reset Aura - Players can reset certain auras once within each round the clock reset period, allowing them to be used again immediately.
Extend Aura - Players could raise the duration of aura's activation time, by either 50% or 100% of their timer. This effect are going to be applied to the aura's next activation and is also temporary. So that it may prevent you against extending the duration while aura is worn and active, which means you must do the extension before activating the aura. Ex. Greenfingers can't be extended once worn and activated.
Increase Divine Location limit - Players can raise the amount of items they might gather from Divine locations in that reset period every day.

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