Rune Goldberg Machine and Other Rune Improvements
Monday, September 15, 2014

In May, you voted that individuals should ‘Make runes valuable’ from a variety of tasty update ideas. This month we're doing just that, using a bizarre contraption known as the Rune Goldberg Machine.

Wizard Goldberg
With this daily D&D it is possible to experiment with turning runes in a sticky goo called vis wax. This wax will extend the duration of most auras by either 50% or 100%, reroll daily challenges, double the duration and reward of daily challenges, or grow your divination location gathering limit by 50% or 100%.

You’ll need level 50 Runecrafting to access this newest addition towards Runecrafting Guild.

There'll be general improvements for runecrafters, too. Click an altar once and all sorts of the essence in your inventory, familiar and pouches will probably be employed in one go. Abyssal familiars lasts longer and carry more essence, and nearly two-hundred monsters should have their drop tables reworked to supply fewer runes - heartily boosting the worthiness of runecrafting.

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