Other Improvements
Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Barbarian Assault is one of RuneScape's longest-standing minigames, and it was important to bring it in-line with today's game:

All Penance creatures have received a gloriously slimy graphical update.
Shout actions previously performed from the Penance horn are now abilities, and can be activated in the action bar.
Penance combat stats are buffed to make them a challenge appropriate for today's game.
The green and blue eggs have been made more useful
Action bars can be set up in the waiting room.
Poison food and lures now stack in the inventory.
The hammer from the tool belt now works within the minigame.
Wave tickets now stack, grant access to lower-numbered wave rooms, and are tradeable.
Interfaces have been polished to make them clearer and easier to use.

Two new seasonal hiscores start today: Total Penance Queens Killed and Total Penance Kings Killed.
There's a range of cute - if disturbingly appendaged - Penance pets now available from Solomon's Store.

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