Legacy of music Mode-Eoc
Friday, October 17, 2014

Right here list the avid gamers said about this specific.

"You need to REMOVE the eoc posture and replace the item with how we all stood before eoc. Like whenever you put on A clan vex, wearing a sacred cadaver harpoon, and base on balls with a katana. This may be for legacy alone(p), or you may make that on solomons if you want money. This is essential for me, I personally don't like everything about the new stance."

" The perfect example of "haters often find something to help hate about" and also "change and they may ask for more change" is here."

"Actually, I never even mind EOC anymore. I simply never got utilized to the stance. Should anyone ever see me, We will be wearing a holy clay harpoon.
Not just a hater, sorry."

"Eoc caused myself to quit, My spouse and i liked the sport I started acting back in 2008 up to around 2011 when One canceled membership. I would love to play my main and also pkers again in this particular version. I merely don't want to always lvl all the best way back up since I work 8-v"

"FINALLY!!! They realized that even with all the new changes aged players wouldn't revisit unless they gave us what many of us wanted, Thank An individual Jagex!"

" I left runescape when eoc was presented. ...didn't care intended for eoc at most...when rs visited eoc they took a great recreation and destroyed that."
" EoC was nice, but this overcome system was just what made RuneScape RuneScape. See not any reason why it had to go through such a extraordinary overhaul. Maybe small interval changes, yet nothing like EoC."

" It's stunning guys. Not quite a pre eoc, yet I think this is when runescape would are right about today, if eoc was not ever introduced. 2014 Jagex FTW!"

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