Regardless of whether Legacy Mode can be brought to RuneScape!
Thursday, June 26, 2014

From my perspective, it's not really a matter of choice or no choice. It's about the experience, and adding yet another combat system combined another simultaniously can only cause issues, each balancing, and long term content will be negatively effected. Player vs player will be in a very bigger mess than it currently is actually.Not to speak about the huge chasm it can create in the group being split all the way down the middle.

Think about it. Jagex can't fifty-fifty balance the game to for one particular combat system. You may not believe they are able to do it for a pair of? At the Similar time!

And let's be honest, Legacy Mode don't be like previous(a) RuneScape. Enemies are different now, stat systems changes, Armour scores and weapon tiering, Prayers and Curses, Dual-Wielding and Companies designed for EoC.The action wont be anywhere near the like in Legacy Setting as it was obviously a couple years previously.

Don't expect Bequest Mode to recreate MeleeScape, running close to in Bandos Armor or Fighter Upper body with Dragon Platelegs, a Whip and Dragon Guardian. The nostalgia times. Because it will not.

And that's this realistic point connected with view from a person that loves PRE-EoC RuneScae. In my opinion adding an more combat system will on fracture town and future revisions. Jmods have currently said future articles will be put to the vote concerning Legacy and EoC such while bosses. "Do we all design this brag for EoC or maybe Legacy Mode combat" - This is the type of thing which can only bring in relation to ruin.

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