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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

If you need more information about the Raffle, check out the FAQ in the official forum thread.

With a new Grouping System, the opening of the Elf City, Rune Goldberg D&D, group skill capes and now Balthazar’s Big Raffle, September is going to be a month to remember in RuneScape!

UPDATE: 1st September
We’ve had a bunch of feedback regarding the Raffle and will be making some last minute adjustments. The largest concern was the quantity of prizes in the raffle and their potential impact on the game economy. While our research and balancing gives us confidence the prize quantities won’t have a long-term negative impact, I appreciate the overall concern and understand that players want us to be more conservative with the prize balancing.

The following changes have been made:

All prize quantities have been be halved (gold down from 200 to 100, godswords down from 5,000 to 2,500, etc)
The Golden Godswords and Golden Warpriest armour will not be protect-on-death (i.e. they’ll behave the same as their regular versions)
We’ve added an alternative for players to get a 2nd raffle ticket by completing a daily challenge if they cannot meet a JMod
Familiars will be blocked from the Lumbridge Crater, as they are at some banks and the Grand Exchange.
We will be adding an extra JMod ticket session US Eastern players to attend early evening – this will be midnight BST / 7pm EDT
We hope this will address most of the issues raised so far.

Mod Pips, Mod Drew and the RuneScape team

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