Golden Godswords
Wednesday, September 03, 2014

You're highly misinformed. Regarding the money they're giving us, you realize that's barely ANYTHING compared to the bills poured into the game from Alching? Something lots of people even do in Oldschool, so yeah. Boss timers? Lot's of people wanted them as a neat little thing. Barely anyone at GWD? Tried getting a free world for Bandos? I think not. Packed worlds back in the days? Mostly bots. Your comment is extremely biased thinking Oldschool is the holy grail of RuneScape. The truth is both are equal and good for those that like it, neither is necessarily bad. I for one dislike Oldschool. I've already experienced the game like that seven years ago and honestly, I don't miss it, I like a more diverse system. That doesn't make it a bad game though. I just don't like it. Anyways, point is try to be a little more informed before spouting nonsense.

you are in one portion of community who wants everything you imagine, new and different but without thinking of outcome. im not talking without testing anything, im maxed player i played every content in this game. go check my adventure log(name: Joe Maxpayne) drops. it was raining boss drops, at 1st it was fun and happy, but after few days when these items started to crash 50% and still crashing, its not fun anymore.
and this is not about oldschool vs rs3, this is about oldschool management vs rs3 management. so your argument about oldschool is invalid, people play oldschool not just for nostalgic, but for how its managed and developed using combined idea of both players and jmods. you should check whats happening in oldschool 1st before complain about it. i play both game. but now mostly oldschool. rs3 devolopers forcing new contents into game without thinking the fate of other contents and economy.

Whatever happened to playing the game for its own rewards. Yeah, killing goblins by Port Sarim is like robbing kids of their milk money, but you have to build up your defense somehow. But the whole idea of this game was increasing your "SKILLS" and completing "QUESTS" and it now become the lottery.

 It's just a fun little thing they're doing, don't get your knickers in a bunch.

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