Fordham Student Allegedly Robbed of Game Currency
Friday, November 14, 2014

The NYPost is reporting that 19-years old Humza Bajwa may be arrested and involved in second degree robbery following the alleged robbery of four years old.7 RuneScape coins from Fordham College student David Emami.RuneScape gold.

In line with Emami, Humza originally experimented with purchase the currency with cash. But once Emami realized the bucks was actually counterfeit, Humza put a BB gun while using the appearance of the real gun at his head and demanded that middleman Jonathan Dokler, who had been monitoring the deal by phone, transfer the currency to his account.

The 4.7 billion coins are worth around $3,000 USD on the RMT market. If convicted, Bajwa faces approximately 10 years in prison.

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