Death's Door - Halloween Event
Friday, October 24, 2014

Death's Door is this fact year's Halloween event, and you may get involved in it in RuneScape today.

Help Death repel a ghostly invasion of his home, using specialised ghost-hunting equipment to dismiss the unwelcome dead before you're reduced into a gibbering  wreck.

Earn points and trophies to be invested on XP lamps, gear that offers bonus damage against ghosts, to be able to burn bones over a bonfire for Prayer and  Firemaking XP, and more.Read on for that full, gory details!The best way to Play,Find Muncher from the Burthorpe Lodestone, and talk with him to head to Death's house.

When you get there, viewers Death's beset by an invasion of ghosts - unleashed by Melzar the Mad - which he's powerless to exorcise them himself.He'll hand that you simply proto pack - the latest in ghost-hunting technology - and hang up you to definitely work banishing his unwelcome guests.Examine the furnishings and ghosts will begin to manifest, but beware: each hit you take increase your fear meter - displayed within your minigames HUD  window.

If the fear meter hits 100% you'll run screaming time for Death, and lose 20 of this hard-earned reward points.

You possibly can reduce fear gradually by standing in moonlit areas of the property, or by utilizing comforting items obtained in chests at home.

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