Cadarn Clan
Friday, October 31, 2014

The Cadarn Clan is just about the eight elven clans that travelled to Gielinor from the World Gate from the First Age. We were looking at renowned with regards to military prestige, being especially skilled in magic and archery.

Over the cataclysmic God Wars, the elves were constantly threatened by the wars beyond the Galarpos. To counteract the discovery of Prifddinas, the elven capital, they had in order that the range of mountains that separated Tirannwn from precisely what is now Kandarin was not crossed. When invading forces stomach near to crossing the mountains, the Cadarn would eliminate them in the Underground Pass.
Soon the Cadarn Clan proved the strongest on the eight families, eventually almost completely governing the elven military. Because of this, the Cadarn Clan was extremely important, often standing since the sole line of defense against the wars beyond.

If your God Wars ended, many elves travelled over the recently built Arandar pass towards lands beyond, where they begun to establish settlements and treaties within the rule of King Baxtorian. Almost all of the Cadarn Clan left Tirannwn, taking up protection in the elven settlers.

However, this left Prifddinas prepared to take attack, not from foreigners, but from your Iorwerth Clan, one of the eight Elven Families. Led by Lord Iorwerth, the Iorwerth Clan could easily make city, allowing them to control the Tower of Voices. One other seven families were forced to go out of Prifddinas.

When he heard bout this, Baxtorian led his clan on a campaign to liberate Prifddinas, nonetheless they were not able to defeat the Iorwerth Clan. They now accept another six clans, exiled in Isafdar, where they always fight to reclaim Prifddinas.

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